Recycle Estes

We invite VOLUNTEERS to help on Estes Recycles Day, June 8, 2019 Volunteer by contacting: Alice Reuman ( or Cathy Alper (

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Garbage Garage Field Trip


Who says learning about trash can't be fun? Not the visitors to the Garbage Garage, Larimer County's waste and recycling education center. Join the Community Recycling Committee for a fun and fact-filled field trip to the Garbage Garage Education Center in Fort Collins. Located at the Larimer County Landfill, the center had its grand opening in April 2003 and continues to host scheduled tour groups as well as drop-in visitors.

Learn about the challenges and opportunities we face right here in our own community. Get your questions answered on what is and is not recyclable here, and the reasons why. Have you ever wondered how a landfill works? Or what gets made out of all that stuff we recycle? Learn how to safely deal with household hazardous waste. (The average household is home to more than 60 hazardous materials at any given time, you know!)

Contact JoAnn Batey at for information and to sign up.  Attendees will meet at the Stanley Fairgrounds and carpool to Fort Collins.