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We invite VOLUNTEERS to help on Estes Recycles Day, June 8, 2019 Volunteer by contacting: Alice Reuman ( or Cathy Alper (

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Estes Recycles Day

  • Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies (PCCR) 1700 Brodie Avenue Estes Park, CO, 80517 United States (map)

Volunteer by contacting: Alice Reuman ( or Cathy Alper (


Recycle Day on site at PCCR

E-Cycle – Shredathon – Paint Recycle – Scrap Metal –Freecycle


Home Pick up Only (and by appointment)

Mattress Recycle

 The League of Women Voters & Community Recycling Committee will be holding a community recycling activity at the Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies, along with our partners: Presbyterian Community Church of the Rockies, Rotary Club of Estes Park, and Bestway Painting.


E-Cycle – Relieve yourselves of old TVs, monitors, modems, VCR, laptop, phone or other unwanted electronics. 

Recycling electronics requires a fee wherever one recycles them. Our price schedule includes the cost of transporting these goods and paying for recycling at CHaRM in Boulder.

Price:  See our reasonable electronics price schedule here.

Important to Note: 

·         We will not accept microwave ovens. These can be recycled at CHaRM in Boulder.

·         We will not accept batteries.



Shredathon – Shred your sensitive office papers, checks, and other documents.

Price:  Donation to Rotary Scholarship fund. $10 per box recommended.


·         Stapled items are acceptable. 

·         We will not accept pre-shredded paper. 


Paint Recycle –Correctly dispose of paint products: stains, primers, undercoats and sealers, caulking compounds, glues and adhesives.

See our Recycle Paint Products page for details about what can be accepted.


recycle paint.jpg

Scrap Metal – Recycle your metallic items.  

 Price:  Donation to Rotary Scholarship fund. $10 per item recommended.


·         These items must be completely metallic.

·         If the item is either unwieldy or very heavy, you may recycle it only if you can lift it or bring help to do so. 


Freecycle – Like a garage sale, only free!  

Need it? Take it!

No longer need it? Donate it.

Donate your usable, clean, unwanted items – or take something you can use.  No money changes hands. You shop without charge.


·         We cannot accept large furniture.

·         If you have electronics that work, first take them to the electronics station to pay for disposal (in case no one takes it), then bring it to Freecycle for possible reuse.

Mattress Home Pick Up (by Appointment!)

This year we are offering mattress and box spring pickup provided by Spring Back Colorado.
With pre-registration by phone only and payment in advance, mattresses can be picked up from your home (ground floor level, outside) on June 8. The deadline to register and pay for mattress pickup is 3:00 p.m. on June 6, 2019.  Call Spring Back Colorado’s northern office at 303-929-6191 (M-F 7:30-4:00; Sat 9:00-1:00) to get on the schedule, pay with a credit card and receive our event-related discount. 


·         $25 per piece.

·         If your mattress has bed bugs, the price is $35, and the mattress must be wrapped in plastic.

·         $35 for mechanical beds.

Important to Note: 

·         Mattresses will not be accepted at the Estes Recycles Day event location!

·         We cannot recycle wet or moldy mattresses.



Estes Recycles Day, June 8th, 2019 is a Red-Letter Day!


The members of your Community Recycling Committee are using this activity to remove things that would otherwise end up in our waste stream, and then into the Larimer County Landfill.

Help Estes Park manage their waste stream in a more sustainable way.

recycle group indoors e1.jpg

Please let your neighbors know about this.

Start gathering your materials. June 8th is just around the corner!


Come with your recyclables on June 8th!


 We welcome volunteers for Recycles Day

 If you would like be part of this rewarding event, contact Alice Reuman ( or Cathy Alper ( Click picture to see all in the volunteers gallery below: